India is bewildering, magnanimous, psychedelic, brilliant subcontinent of colors, spices and contradictions. Its gods own vacation destination. It will leave you amazed and gasping, with its vast n varied geographical, religious, cultural and linguistic distinctness. If you toss varied civilizations, dynasties, eras, kingdoms what you get is the unexpected India!!

Ranging from beauteous, harlequin green forests, luscious landscapes to beautiful lakes fed by glaciers, streams and year round snowfall. Those remote steeps and curves, the elongated depressions of earth surface forming stunning and picturesque valleys. The staggering mountain ranges like the most celebrated Himalayas will certainly make you fall in love with nature .The cluster of Islands off the coast of India will leave you awestruck .One could testify how amazingly spirituality weaves its way through pilgrimage temples or tranquil hilltop shrines .A little detour through the phenomenal backwaters of Kerala where the experience will mesmerize you .The calm waters n lush green backdrop is indeed splendid. The Impressive falls in east on one hand and the colossal deserts of Rajasthan and Gujarat on the other is epitome of  being magnanimous by nature. The vast expanses of salt laden hard dried mud called the Rann of Kutch would just startle the naked eyes. Indulge in the so called Mumbai Frenzy. The beautiful Forts n fortresses and their chronicles and memoirs of the days of yore perhaps make us a part to the recital saga of the bygone times. Some serene relatively untouched patches of the country are breathtakingly splendid. Sprawling tea plantations in east n south and rolling grasslands and farmlands across the face of country will for sure chuckle your eyeballs. To witness the Golden sunrise over the Golden temple would certainly be a golden moment .The colonial boulevards, gleaming malls, swanky high rises stand testament to the prosperity of country. The amalgamation of old world charm with the new age wonders is worth boasting. This charismatic beauty aka India will indeed transport you to a world of mystery, majesty, magic and mayhem!!


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