Admire Dubai and Abu Dhabi for their intangible verve, gutsy ambition and ability to dream. What is so admirable about Dubai is its superlative craving society that has birthed some of the swanky splashy architectural extravaganza. To name a few ... The World's tallest sky scrapper , man made island shaped like a palm tree , a huge indoor ski paradise, the world's fastest roller coaster and soon to come the star architect designed art museum of international stature.

Dubai has some stunning architectural razzmatazz to boast about.

To start with the Burj Khalifa is one such graceful spire with a shimmering surface which blends the reflected sand and blue skies into Arabian metaphor. The Water Park at Atlantis, the stunning grandeur will quench the dry heat of the desert. A walk along the banks of Dubai Creek will cleanse a palette, drilled by the endless steel, concrete and tarmac that makes up the vast majority of Dubai. The Gold Souk is labyrinth of gold, where all that glitters is indeed Gold!! It symbolizes the beautiful amalgamation of modern Dubai luxury and old souk atmosphere. The noisy chaotic and colorful souk’s are enticing reminder of the cacophony, timeless bargaining banter…. which makes it even more appealing. Moving on to the golden glow of the Arabian Sand Dunes that will leave you awestruck. Offroading on sand dunes with deflated 4×4 tyres will sweep you off your feet. You name it and you have it….flashy dance temples, sizzling beach clubs, fancy cocktail caverns, concerts under the stars are just few to list… The razzle dazzle, glitterati flamboyance of Dubai will leave you spellbound.

Abu Dhabi is no stranger to cutting loose when the moon’s high in the sky. Ferrari World‘s grandeur n opulence in terms of thrilling rides n driving experience is sheer bliss. Braving the Ultimate loop will satiate those with appetite of G-force and velocity.


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